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How can I figure out the value of damages after my car accident?

When calculating damages after any car accident, several different factors come into play. When trying to determine the value of damages, remember that you are only estimating –the real number might be different.

To best determine the value of damages from a car accident, hire an attorney right away. Lawyers are trained in calculating the total damages you sustained.

When determining the value of damages, it is essential to consider multiple factors. First, what are your medical expenses? What are your medical expenses going to be in the short-term and the long-term? For example, you might need long-term physiotherapy or on-going rehabilitation.

Next, you need to determine if the accident made you miss days from work and how many. If you missed work are you may be eligible for compensation that covers lost wages and past and future earnings.

Your attorney will want to know about the property damages that may be incurred. Was your vehicle damaged, and how badly? Another factor that needs to be examined is non-economic damages. These are damages that affect you emotionally, financially and physically and are unique to each person. Often, courts will award compensation for pain and suffering and emotional trauma.

Car accidents are complex. Determining the amount of compensation you deserve is a challenging task. Many factors need to be considered. Do not face the aftermath of a car accident alone; hire an attorney right away.

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