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Do I really need to hire a lawyer? Can’t I just handle the insurance company issues on my own?

You could attempt to handle the insurance company issues on your own, however you would quickly find out that they consistently offer less than what you would expect and they also try to dismiss the claim any way they can. Insurance companies are not your friends as they are more concerned about their bottom line and saving money, not about handing it out to claimants.

Having an attorney, on your side, helps you with several things:

1.The attorney deals with the insurance company and more often than not is able to obtain a fair settlement in accordance with the severity of your injuries;

2. The attorney is also intimately familiar with all the ins and outs of what an insurance company can attempt to diminish your claim;

3. Your attorney is able to make sure the evidence at the crash scene is preserved and get a hold of the police report; and

4. A lawyer can help to negotiate a fair settlement that is often higher than what you may get from an insurance company.

In other words, working with an attorney can garner you more compensation than attempting to handle things on your own. No one really wants to deal with insurance companies that continually try to reduce or dismiss your accident claim for any reason they can find. It is stressful and unfair.

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