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Can I file a claim for compensation, after a car crash where investigation showed my vehicle was defective?

It is likely that you can file a personal injury claim alleging a defective product, the vehicle. Texas recognizes three types of product defects. If you can demonstrate that the product, your vehicle, possessed one of the three defects, that led to you being injured, you may receive compensation.

In the Lone Star State, product liability is a strict liability offense and negligence is not an issue. Simply put, if the car is defective, and that defect led to you being injured, the defendant car manufacturer is likely liable.

In Texas there are three types of product defects recognized:

  • Design defects
  • Failure to warn
  • Manufacturing defects

In the case of a design defect, a product such as a car, is dangerous to the user. In Texas, a plaintiff alleging a product has a design defect has to show the design was unsafe. The plaintiff must also prove that a less dangerous design was available or could have been used instead, that using the design would have been reasonable financially and technologically and the alternative design would have reduced the risk of injuries but still kept most of the product’s utility and use. In other words, the plaintiff must prove any injuries he or she sustained occurred due to the design defect and not due to other reasons.

An example of a design defect in a car would be a vehicle that accelerates suddenly without warning. To learn more about obtaining compensation after a car accident caused by a defect, contact Schuelke Law.

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