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The NFL Has A Way To Go On Head Injury Care

In the past, I’ve praised the NFL for leading the way in the study of the prevention and care of head injuries and brain injuries.  But last night, they took a step backward.

Fellow University of Texas alum Colt McCoy was absolutely blown up by a shot to the head by James Harrison.  After the play, Colt was slow to get up and a little wobbly.  He understandably left the game only to return a few plays later.

According to at least one report, Colt’s dad Brad (whom I’ve had the pleasure to meet at a “meet the team” greeting before a UT football game)  was livid because no in game testing was done to test Colt for potential head injuries.

If the NFL is serious about protecting its players, it can’t let players who have likely suffered head injuries return to action.  This type of behaviour makes it more likely that brain injuries are permanent and more debilitating. 

And it has to trickle down to other sports.  The NFL is a model for how other levels of sports treat players.  It needs to remind colleges and high schools that head injuries are serious business that can’t be ignored.

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