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Texas Is Leading The Nation In Workplace Deaths and Fatalities

Last week, the Dallas Morning News had a good article on the number of workplace deaths in Texas.

While the number of deaths have decreased in almost all parts of the nation, they remain high in Texas.  Indeed, in 2010, the last year for which statistics are available, Texas was responsible for 10% of the nation’s workplace fatalities.

The story suggests a number of potential causes for the high rates of workplace injuries.  Most of the fatalaties involved a driving or highway accident, and Texas has a vast network of highways compared to other states.

The story also suggests that Texas remains very lax about requiring training for Texas workers.  This lack of training helps decrease the safety of all workers.

Additionally, Texas relies on a high percentage of temporary workers.  These temporary workers often receive even less training and have less experience than their permanent counterparts — making them even more dangerous to all.

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