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Texas Cracks Down On Uninsured Drivers

Yesterday’s Dallas Morning News has an article detailing the legislature’s new plan to crack down on uninsured drivers.  The plan, which goes into effect next month, creates a database of uninsured drivers and makes that database available to law enforcement officials and others.  The plan is summarized by the article as follows:

Uninsured drivers will be identified through a state database that will include information from insurance companies on all drivers who have policies on their vehicles. Drivers will be checked when they:

•Are stopped for a traffic violation by a law enforcement officer, who can run their license plate number though the database.

•Are involved in an accident.

•Obtain an annual vehicle inspection.

•Submit payment for a new vehicle registration sticker.

Also, the state plans to mail out warnings to drivers who are found to have no minimum liability insurance.

We hope this law is sucessful.  Uninsured drivers are a huge problem on Texas roadways, with an estimated 20-25% of drivers failing to carry the minimum coverage required by law.  Being hit by an uninsured driver can be devestating to someone in a car wreck.

This story should also be a reminder to purchase substantial amounts of uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage and personal injury protection coverage when you purchase your car insurance.  As our readers know, we’re no friend of the insurance industry, but these two coverages are inexpensive and can make a huge difference in your ability to recover from a wreck.

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