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Swimming Pool Drain Dangers

Earlier this week, the oldest son of Usher, a popular music star, was rushed to the hospital following an accident in their pool.  The five year old was playing in the pool when he dove down to remove a toy from the pool’s drain, and the child’s arm became stuck in the drain.  Fortunately, two men were able to get his arm unstuck, and the child appears that he’ll be okay.

But this is but another example of the dangers of swimming pool drains.

Drains seem innocuous, but they are often deadly.  Sadly, drains are an attraction for kids, who often want to dive down and touch them or even sit on them.   But swimming pool drains are dangerous.  Obviously, long hair can be caught in the drain, trapping kids underwater.  But some drains have so much suction power that it can hold kids down.  In some horrific cases, some children who have been sitting on drains have been subject to so much force that they are disemboweled.

But drains don’t have to be dangerous.  New anti-vortex drain covers have been designed so that they greatly reduce the amount of suction when in use.  The drains are also designed so that they are no longer flat and smooth, making it more difficult for a person to completely cover the drain holes, reducing the risk of suction injuries.

If you have a home pool, make sure that you have one of these protective drain covers.  And if you regularly use a public pool or other pool, inspect the drains to make sure they’re safe for your kids.

But also take the time to teach your kids about the dangers of drains.  Make them aware that drains are a hazard and not something to be played with.


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