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Something A Little Different – A Nationwide Look At I-35 Wrecks

Many of our serious injury cases are the result of car or trucking wrecks on I-35.  Because it’s an interstate, with more cars and trucks traveling at higher rates of speed than typical roads, I-35 has more opportunities for drivers, construction workers, and others to be injured in accidents.  But it’s not a problem that’s limited to the Austin area.  The I-35 dangers start at the US-Mexico border in Laredo and continue up through the nation to the US-Canada border.  To try and bring a different perspective on these issues, I am teaming up with several other attorneys along the Interstate 35 corridor for a new blog series.  Over the next month or so, we’ll all answer typical questions that we are repeatedly asked by those injured in car or trucking wrecks, with an emphasis on issues as they relate to I-35.

The other attorneys that will be joining me on this little journey are:

Noble McIntyre and Jeremy Thurman from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Steve Lombardi from West Des Moines, Iowa

Mike Bryant from Waite Park, Minnesota.

One thing that excites me about this project is that it gives our clients and potential clients the opportunity to learn a lot.  Instead of getting one lawyer’s perspective on a question, you’ll have the benefit of answers from four or five different lawyers across the country.  And I always believe that the best way for personal injury victims to protect themselves from insurance adjusters and even other attorneys is to be as informed as possible.

I hope you enjoy the series.  If you have any questions you would like us to answer, please let us know.

Brooks Schuelke

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