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Serious Personal Injury Demands Higher Compensation

Serious personal injuries are also referred to as catastrophic injuries. They usually merit higher damage awards.

If someone has been involved in a really bad accident and is severely injured – badly enough to never be the same person they were before the accident – their injuries are called catastrophic. It’s an apt choice of words, since it means life-altering. Unfortunately, negligent acts often result in someone’s life being turned upside down so that they require full time medical care with no hope of total recovery.

There are some catastrophic personal injuries that may be quite well managed with good medical attention and actually allow the victim a fairly decent recovery. Other injuries are so debilitating that they result in long-term incapacity, a multitude of various serious illnesses, and even a shorter life span.

In cases like this, you really need to speak to an Austin personal injury lawyer to get an idea of how to proceed with a case to obtain compensation for your injuries. You will want to deal with a lawyer that has an excellent grasp of the nature and type of injuries that you have and who understands the significant life hurdles you will be facing in the future. For instance, a catastrophic injury may mean that for the rest of your life, you will be seeing doctors, participating in therapy or having regular reconstructive surgery.

Once your Austin personal injury lawyer knows the long-term consequences of your injuries, they are better prepared to go to bat for you in court to get the right compensation for your future. Another example would be if someone has a spinal cord injury and was facing a life of dependency and inability to ever walk again or someone with traumatic brain injury may become a totally different person because of damage to the brain. They would face a life of constant therapy to allow them to try and cope with their altered reality of the world in which they live.

If you have been badly injured in an accident, don’t wait. Speak to an Austin personal injury lawyer as soon as you can. Your future recovery may depend on it.

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