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Personal Injury Law Round-Up Update

As most of you probably noticed, there hasn’t been a Personal Injury Law Round-Up for the last two weeks. I have been on vacation, and have not taken the time to post. I would have liked to have warned people that no posts would be forthcoming, but my family isn’t too thrilled with the idea of me publicly announcing when we were going to be out of town. Imagine that.

A large part of the last two weeks involved Tropical Storm/Hurricane Dolly. First, we weathered Tropical Storm Dolly out on a small Mexican island just off Cancun. We were worried that she would interfere with our departure, but we woke up on the day of departure to blue skies and a relatively calm beach. The flight home was significantly longer than planned as we had to fly around the storm, but we arrived safely. And then we had to spend the next few days waiting anxiously as Dolly hit land very close to family members who had to bear the full brunt of the storm. Fortunately, everything is okay on that end.

I had intended to resume the Round-Up upon my return. But while out, I had time to go back and look at some of my past posts. I didn’t really realize it, but the Round-Up has taken n a life of its own. Even with the help of a law clerk, I spent most of my blogging time looking for Round-Up stories at the expense of the more in-depth posts that I previously enjoyed. So after much thought, I’m not going to return to the Round-Up. I have really enjoyed the Round-Up, but I think it’s time to move on.

For those that have been regular readers, I say “Thanks.” And I hope you’ll stick around for our regular blog postings.

And most of all, thanks to Eric Turkewitz.  I hope people really appreciate the work that he put in to the Round-Up.

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