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Personal Injury Law Round-Up #68

Things are crazy here, but we wanted to warn readers that there likely won’t round up 2be a personal injury round-up next week with the holiday week. We hope all of you can survive.

On to the tort “reform” news….

The biggest tort “reform” news of the week was the New York Times Tort Wars story. You can find comments on the story from Justinian Lane at TortDeform has his take.

The other big reform news was the Supreme Court’s decision on the Exxon punitive damages claim. Concurring opinions had an interesting note on the court’s refusal to rely on some studies because they were funded by Exxon. (Thanks to TortsProf for the link). At Mass Torts they consider whether the 1:1 rule helps with the consistency problem the court addresses.

Ron Miller posts about the effects of medical malpractice caps.

Litigation and personal injury news….

What respecting personal injury blog would lead with something other than the thong lawsuit?

The Washington Post had a story that brain injuries are the result of half of all seniors’ deaths that follow falls.

Perhaps not a med mal case, but a Georgia doctor allegedly held a patient hostage until she paid the bill.

Speaking of health matters, the efforts to reverse Riegel through legislation continue.

Tampa has the story of two medical providers committing PIP fraud.

The World Health Organization has issued guidelines to make surgery safer. More evidence of the standard of care?

In Hawaii, a couple settled their claims for $9.5 million following a helicopter crash.

The trial from the Texas City British Petroleum blast ends week four (the predicted half-way point).

And finally, even organic foods may not be safe anymore as organic lawsuits are increasing.

And on to the miscellaneous…

Eric Turkewitz has a fascinating series of posts detailing his recent trial.

Blawgletter has a new explanation for those bad rulings that go against you.

And Anne Reed has an interesting story on the role face plays during deliberations.

That’s it for this week. Please have a great weekend.

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