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Personal Injury Law Round-Up #62

Things are hopping here as we continue to prepare for a trial so this week’s edition is brief. On tort “reform”…….

One of the big tort “reform” stories of the week has been Dennis Quaid’s testimony on preemption before Congress. Unfortunately, in our society, causes often need celebrities to act as their champions before there is any traction to search for solutions (eg Lance Armstrong and cancer, Bono and extreme world poverty, and Michael J. Fox on Parkinson’s).  It now appears possible that Dennis Quaid is willing and able to step into that role.  You can watch the video of the testimony or read the transcript.  There are numerous posts on the story, including posts at DC Dicta, the Huffington Post, the Pop Tort, the Maryland Injury Lawyer Blog, and theInjuryboard national desk.

Along those same lines, Bill Childs reports that the plaintiff in the Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom severed feet case traveled to Washington to testify on amusement park safety.

And locally, the Texas Supreme Court continues to receive negative press.

On to the litigation news…

In Texas, a federal court holds that the rape case against Halliburton isn’t covered by an arbitration agreement (though the plaintiff’s Title VII claims are).

Staying here in Texas, an appellate court reversed the Garza/Vioxx verdict.  There’s a little more information in Don Cruse’s Supreme Court of Texas Blog, MassTorts, the WSJ law blog and How Appealing.

Staying in the drug arena, Bayer is pulling all remaining Trasylol.

In South Dakota, even Congressmen aren’t immune for causing auto accidents.

On the settlement side, there were more settlements in the Rhode Island nightclub fire. I am most impressed with Eric Turkewitz’s in-depth analysis of the Jet Blue toilet lawsuitand followup.

And for this week’s miscellaneous posts….

John Day has What It Takes To Be A Great Trial Lawyer, part 16.

Thanks for reading and have a good weekend.

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