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Personal Injury Law Round-Up #50

It is a great time to be in Austin. We have the Democratic primary, last night’s debate, and local appearances by the candidates. We don’t often get to participate in the process this late in the game, and certainly the Democratic party hasn’t had this much input or excitement in a long time. Add in our University of Texas basketball team being ranked in the top 10, UT baseball starting the season today, and UT spring football practice starting today, it’s also great on the sports front. And the blue skies and 70 degree temperatures don’t hurt anything.

For those of you living outside Austin, the big news this week was the decision in Riegel v Medtronic. The blogs that have written on the decision include:

Now, for other tort “reform” news…….

From TortsProf, Oregon and Colorado are considering increases of their damage caps. It’s nice to see some relief for our brethren in the plaintiff’s bar.

Overlawyered looks at medical malpractice in the upper midwest. They link to articles wondering why the upper midwest has the lowest med mal insurance rates in the country (and they admit that tort reform laws don’t explain the low rates).

Here’s a novel idea: the CPSC is asking toy makers to eliminate lead in toys. Those CPSC guys are always on the cutting edge.

Kia Franklin at TortDeform has a great post noting that in tort reform the real debate is juror rights.

On to the litigation front…..

Perhaps the biggest story of the week was the massive beef recall initiated last weekend. Bill Marler has posts on the recall here, here and here.

For those of us that deal with subrogation issues, the California PI and Insurance Blog has a story about an investigation of Ingenix.

In Nevada, a judge reduced a $134 million verdict against Wyeth.

Ben Glass, looking at the notion that the medical profession doesn’t police its own well, has Why Malpractice Cases Are Important?

From Orlando personal injury lawyer Ed Normund, the OJ Simpson civil judgment was renewed, and the collection effort goes on.

The Brain Damage Blog highlights the dangers of carbon monoxide poisoning.

And on to the miscellaneous news…

Torts Prof also notes that a class action was filed against the New England Patriots realting to their spying tactics. This isn’t really a personal injury post, but we don’t often have the chance to link to sports stories.

Victoria Pynchon has a nice series on How to Make Your Opponent Do What You Want Him to Do. Part 2. Part 3. Part 4.

Blawg Review #174 is up at Rush on Business. I’m personally pleased that the review has a biking theme and highlights Austinite Lance Armstrong.

That’s it for this week.  Thanks for reading, and have a great weekend.

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