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Personal Injury Law Round-Up #44

This is an abbreviated, trial version of the round up.

First, tort “reform” and lawyers behaving badly…

The Chungs have become the new favorites of the tort-reform movement.

On the other side, Kia Franklin at TortDeform has Glenn Beck’s ER horror story.

New Jersey has voted to allow emotional harm in wrongful death suits. (Via Torts Prof)

The ATRA faults plaintiffs’ lawyers for providing allegedly unreliable medical information on the internet. The argument is based on a “study” performed by a pharmaceutical backed group. It’s a bit ironic, given the meteoric rise of drug advertising, that the pharmaceutical industry would gripe about inaccurate information.

Virginia Beach personal injury lawyer Richard Shapiro has “Dirty, Dastardly Deeds of Injury Defense Attorneys.

Overlawyered also has stories of attorneys behaving badly in discovery disputes.

On to the real lawsuit and litigation news…

The window washer that fell 47 stories and survived will file suit. (Via the Maryland Accident Law Blog).

Some of the Texas tobacco lawyers are suing one another over fees.

On a med mal related note, a new study found that the US ranks last for health care among industrialized nations, as measured by preventable deaths.

I missed it from last week (but Reno personal injury lawyer Steve Klearman reports on it this week so I guess it’s fair game), but the New York Times reported on a study that in 1 out of 3 cardiac arrests the staff takes too long to respond increasing the risk of brain damage and death. The Brain Injury News and Info Blog also posted about this last week.

A New York court held that, even with the assumed risk doctrine, a coach can’t hit a player in the head with a baseball bat.

The Mass Tort Lit blog has an update on the Vioxx settlement.

And on to the miscellaneous…

Waiting for me when I returned from the courthouse Monday was my copy of Presentation Zen. We all know that the root of trial work is the ability to tell a story and communicate. This book (and the author’s blog of the same name) and Beyond Bullet Points (by Cliff Atkinson, one of the gurus behind Mark Lanier’s VIOXX presentations) should be required reading for all trial lawyers.

Speaking of being trial lawyers, John Day has “What It Takes To Be A Great Trial Lawyer – Part 3” and “Part 4.”

From Bill Childs and the TortsProf Blog, tort law on the Daily Show.

And BlawgReview #141 is up across the pond at CHARON QC. Next week’s will be hosted by Susan Cartier Liebel’s Build a Solo Practice.

Thanks again for reading.

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