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Lake Austin Named A Top Boating Destination; But Be Safe While You're There

Loop 360 boat ramp


Discover Boating recently named Lake Austin as one of the top boating destinations in the country. In ranking Texas as the second best boating state in the country (behind Florida), Discover Boating noted this:

Hot Spot: Lake Austin — In the heart of energetic Austin, Lake Austin offers an ideal setting to cruise, waterski, fish and be entertained with a plethora of restaurants and live music venues to dock at along the shore.

Living within walking distance of the lake, my family and I sure appreciate it.

But we also recognize that with boating, comes danger. In fact, just last weekend, a young boy from Houston died after swimming around a boat dock on Lake LBJ.

It’s critical that people are aware of the risk and are cautious when they’re enjoying Austin’s lakes.  Make sure to take these precautions when you jump on the boat this summer (tips via KXAN):

  • Know where you are — carry a lake map with you, pay attenton to where you put your boat in the water, watch for lake milemarkers, and consider investing in a GPS unit.
  • Be very careful when you boat at night — abide by the recommended speed of 20 mph, always make sure you have the proper lighting on your boat, use radar technology.
  • Wear a personal floatation device and make sure all of the ones on the boat are easy to get to.
  • Don’t drink — many boat accidents are alcohol related.  Remember driving a boat with a blood alcohol content over .08 is illegal.  Also remember that the effects of alcohol are magnified when boating due to the sun, the water and the constant motion.
  • Slow down — it’s hard for other boats to judge your speed.  Driving a boat isn’t like driving a car.
  • Don’t cliff dive — no matter how deep the water is, there’s no way to know what debris could be lurking just a few feet below the surface.

(flickr photo courtesy of rutlo)

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