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Has Tort Reform Gone Too Far?

Of course it has, but we’ve been telling you that for years.

Now, it seems that others are starting to recognize it as well.  Late last week, the Houston Chronicle ran a column agreeing with what we’ve been telling you.  In it, the writer noted:

In Texas, we’re learning what happens when you can’t turn to a lawyer for help.  Two strong forces are making it nearly impossible to seek redress for injury in state courts: sweeping tort reform laws and a Texas Supreme Court with an activist conservative bent.  The results aren’t pretty.

The article notes that the two-pronged tort reform attack are killing 7th amendment rights to trial by jury.

And it’s not just a problem that plaintiff’s lawyers are talking about.  Law professors and even tea-party leaders are starting to be concerned. (I’ve actually written about both of these issues — including the same studies mentioned — for years.  See Judicial Tort Reform In Texas, The Vanishing Jury Trial and the Texas Supreme Court, The Vanishing Jury Trial Part 2, and A Tea Party Leader on Tort Reform. )

I wish I had time to write more about it, but I’m preparing for a trial.  But you can rest assured that with a new legislative session convening relatively soon, tort reform advocates will be at it again trying to take away more and more of your rights.  I hope you’ll stand up and protect yourself.


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