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Doctors Waking Up to Problems in Insurance Industry

Dealing with doctors and health care providers (particularly those located outside of Austin) is one of the most frustrating things about being a personal injury lawyer. We have difficulties getting medical records and bills, and many doctors refuse to participate more than they’re legally required to help prove our client’s cases. In fact, a year or so ago, I had lunch where one of my own physicians (who could not see me) was sitting with two other colleagues in a booth behind me. And I could overhear them talking about their options for avoiding a potential deposition on behalf of one of their patients.

I just don’t understand this attitude. We share the same goal: helping the same client/patient recover from the car wreck, on-the-job accident, or whatever else caused their injury. And we share the same enemy: the insurance companies.

Well now we find a little hope that the medical industry might be coming around. The Greedy Trial Lawyer blog has a post titled AMA Awakens to Insurance Scam of Unprompt Payments that describes the medical association’s frustration with the health insurance industry.

We’ve represented several doctors in various capacities, and we’ve long thought one of the biggest problems they face is the insurance industry. Maybe now that they’re recognizing that fact, we can get them to come around on the participation in helping their clients’ claims.

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