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Case Running

I have previously written about my disdain for plaintiff’s lawyers or chiropractors illegally soliciting cases.  Today Eric Turkewitz, author of the famed New York Personal Injury Lawy Blog, had a great post, Ambulance Chasers, Runners, and Other Creeps, that reinforces the idea that personal injury trial lawyers are generally good guys that oppose unethical practices despite the stereotypes to the contrary.

Eric writes:

Now every business and every profession has its scoundrels. Regardless of whether the lure is one of the big three of money, sex or drugs, it happens to doctors, lawyers, clergy, schoolteachers and every other group you can imagine. Every race, religion and group of any kind will have its problem participants.

But unlike the police and their Blue Code of Silence or the doctors and their White Coat of Silence, or the priests and their Collar of Silence, I don’t ever want to see such silence by lawyers.

Eric’s call to action is similar to one I’ve made before.  Personal injury attorneys are probably in the best position to hear about these scams because our clients  occasionally report them to us.  And once we hear about them, we need to report that conduct (indeed, the disciplinary rules may even require us to report it).  But more importantly, the state bar grievance committees and the prosecutors offices around the state need to treat these complaints seriously to help clean up our business.

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