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Car Wrecks Caused By Wrong-Way Drivers Are Causing Too Many Fatalities

This weekend, eight people in New York, including four young children, were killed when their minivan entered a highway going the wrong direction and collided with two other vehicles. It seems almost too bizarre to be true, but wrong-way drivers are more common than one would think. In fact, Sunday’s wrong-way wreck was the second of the day on that highway.

But the New York freeway is hardly alone. After doing a quick Google search, I found stories that this morning a wrong-way driver was arrested on I-164 near Evansville with a blood alcohol content almost twice the legal limit. And just last week, a woman near Pittsburgh was killed while driving the wrong-way and another fatal wrong-way crash occurred in Central Indiana.

And some of these wrecks hit close to home. Perhaps the most notorious area for wrong-way driving is the Dallas North Tollway, where at least eight people have been killed and numerous more injured in a series of wrong-way wrecks that have occurred since October 2008.

And Austin isn’t immune. In June, Austin had its own wrong-way fatality in a wreck along 290.

There is such a problem that the Texas Transportation Institute at Texas A&M did a study on the subject several years ago. For more information on the technical aspects of the wreck, you can read their proposal, Wrong-Way Driving on Freeways in Texas: Problems, Issues and Countermeasures.

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