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Boating Wreck Results From Violation Of Two Of The Deadly Sins Of Boating

I’ve spent a fair amount of time this summer writing about boating safety, and I have continually nagged that two o f the biggest boating sins are not knowing the body of water that you’re on and not being cautious enough at night.    Both of these are critical, and they work together.  A lot of our Central Texas lakes have unexpected outcroppings and hidden dangers beneath the surface of the water.  These types of hazards become even more dangerous at night when it’s much more difficult to see.

Sadly, it appears that these two issues led to a fatal boating accident over the weekend.   Four boaters from Midland were involved in a wreck on Lake LBJ when their boat hit granite outcroppings just after midnight Saturday.  One of the boaters, Karah Brooks, was killed.  The three other boaters, James Murdock, Michala Murdock and Trey Harper, were injured.

Emphasizing the importance of what I’ve been preaching, the investigating officer noted that the wreck occurred in a part of the lake that is particularly difficult to navigate, particularly at night or for someone who isn’t familiar with the lake.

Once again, I urge you to please be careful out there.  None of us ever think we’re going to be in an accident, especially a deadly one.  You can minimize the risk that you are the unexpected victims by just being aware of the problems, using common sense, and following  a few simple safety rules.  For the sake of you and your family, please do that.

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