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BBQ Food Poisoning? A Southside Market Recall

I’m a barbecue guy.  I was born in Lockhart (BBQ capital of the world), my first job was in a BBQ restaurant, and I enjoy hanging out around my own smokers when possible. 

That’s why I was so distressed to see that Elgin’s Southside Market has recalled more than 2,000 pounds of sausage  that may have been contaminated with the bacteria that causes listeriosis.

I hope nothing comes of it.  I’m always looking to time trips to Houston so that I can stop at Southside on the way out or on the way back home.  But if someone does end up getting sick, then something needs to be done.  Food poisoning is a serious issue, and I’m firm in my belief that lawsuits and the threat of lawsuits are an important incentive to restaurants and food suppliers to make sure that their food is safe.

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