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Austin Trucking Accident Dangers

Austin news station KXAN ran a story last night about truck drivers “dodging the scales” to avoid weigh stations and inspections. Texas has several permanent weigh stations operated by the Department of Public Safety. Unfortunately, truckers are becoming resourceful about ways to get around the inspection stations.

The thing that really struck me in the interview was the lip service given to safety. The president of the Texas Motor Transportation Association was quoted as saying that they don’t condone the practice of avoiding inspections, yet they have fought legislation that would have made the practice illegal. Along the same lines, the reporter had a statement from a spokesman of a company that provides information about getting around the stations. The spokesman said that they do not advocate unsafe drivers and don’t advise truckers to avoid weigh stations. However, he went on to add:

We provide accurate information about the legality of certain routes and about rules, regulations and enforcement procedures that vary from state to state.

There is a lot of information out there about the DOT, but it’s not easy for drivers to find it. We operate a Web site that answers the questions truckers are asking about truck scales, weigh stations, and DOT rules and regulations.

The Rand McNally Motor Carriers’ Road Atlas is by far the most widely used map among truckers. But weigh station locations are often incorrect, missing or unclear on the atlas. We document the location of the actual weigh stations, including the exit before, exit after and exact mile marker. This is all public information. We just gather it.

Maps and mapping software also lack other information truckers want. A trucker can use mapping software to attempt to go around weigh stations and encounter unexpected low bridges, weight limits, truck restrictions, and roadways that are unsafe for trucks to travel. We warn truckers that if they are thinking about taking a certain route, they’d better think twice.

In other cases, we provide acceptable and legal routes to take.

This is particularly concerning to those of us in Austin and Central Texas. Being as close to border as we are, Interstate 35 is a major trucking and NAFTA corridor. One example of the problem with aggressive truck driving can be seen in this YouTube video called I35 Truck Races.

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