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What We’re Doing In Response To Coronavirus/Covid-19

For the most part, for us, it’s business as usual.

That’s not to say we’re not being safe. We have closed our office and are trying to eliminate all meetings. But that doesn’t mean much changes for us.

We have been set up to work remotely for years. Right now, we’re all working from home, but we have access to all of our files and other documents just as if we were sitting in our offices on Lamar.

We have also been set up for quite a while to do video meetings. Many people are now discovering video conferencing sites, such as Zoom. But we’ve had a subscription to Zoom for a couple of years. We’ve used it for meetings with clients, depositions, and even mediations. This morning, in a matter of about 5 minutes, we were able to convert a previously scheduled mediation to a remote video conference mediation without any trouble.

Going forward, we anticipate that all new and existing client meetings will be done through Zoom (which you can use with any smartphone, ipad, or computer with a web camera). We’re converting all scheduled depositions and mediations so that they occur through Zoom. And we’ll figure out the rest.

We’re even trying out online notary services, which we probably should have done before, so that clients can avoid coming in to the office.

So feel free to drop us a line at our office number (512-476-4944) — we’ve used an overflow answering service for several months that is answering and forwarding calls, or email me at with questions.

20 Years OF TRUST

For 20 years, our personal injury clients have trusted us to help get them the benefits they deserve.

Books Schuelke was a huge asset. I wholeheartedly endorse Mr. Schuelke without a moments hesitation

- Sara Hickman