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How Covid-19 Will Affect Your Austin Car Wreck Claims

Covid-19 is affecting everything, including your Austin car wreck claims.

Last week, the Austin Police Department announced a change in policy that they wouldn’t be personally showing up for most car wreck calls. That’s probably a good call for officers’ health, but it certainly hurts your ability to bring your claims.

What can you do to minimize this problem?

First, if you are in a wreck, make sure you get a copy of the other driver’s license and their insurance information. We frequently get that information off of the police report, but if there is no police report and you don’t get that information, then it is virtually impossible to pursue your claim. So make sure you get as much information about the other driver as possible.

Second, police reports are often used to help prove the other driver was at fault. The other driver will often admit fault at the scene, but then their story changes once you make the claim. You need to figure out how you can prove liability. I’ve had some clients who convinced the other driver to sign a statement at the scene admitting that it was their fault. Other clients have recorded the conversation where the driver admits fault. Those are obviously ways to help prove liability. But even if you can’t get those, take as many pictures as you can. Car position, skid marks, etc. can help prove how a wreck happened and who caused the wreck.

While I know this is the least of your concerns during this pandemic time, thinking ahead a little in case you are in a wreck could help you make your claim later.

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