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Concussion? Go Get Medical Care

As a brain injury lawyer, we often warn our clients that there are few things that can be done for a concussion besides resting the brain in various ways. But that doesn’t mean you should avoid getting medical care. In fact, the opposite is true.

A brain injury study released in January found that people who sought immediate care following a concussion typically had faster recoveries than those patients who put off seeking care.

The study looked at 162 young athletes with a concussion, and the scientists discovered that those who sought treatment within seven days of their concussions recovered faster than those who waited to seek care.

Seeking early care not only helps you recover quicker, it helps your case as well. When insurance adjusters are looking at your claim, they’re looking for any excuse to devalue your claim. One of their standard arguments is that there was a delay between the time of the incident and the time of treatment. And, according to the adjusters’ argument, if you were that hurt, you would have sought treatment right away.

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