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Car Wrecks: Swoop and Settle Goes High Tech

Car Wrecks: Swoop and Settle Goes High Tech

One thing I’ve written on several times over the years is the insurance company tactic that we call “swoop and settle”. Using this tactic, insurance companies contact you shortly after a wreck and attempt to settle your claim before you know how badly you’re hurt and before you understand your rights. They do this because once they convince you to take their offer, then you can never bring a claim against them once you realize the true effects of your wreck.

Recently, in a lawyers group I’m in, a lawyer described how this tactic is now being used electronically so that the insurance companies can take away your rights as quickly as possible.

This lawyer reported that a wreck was caused by a driver who had Progressive insurance. Within an hour of the wreck, Progressive had talked to the injured person, sent the injured person a small amount of money via an electronic payment, and then recorded the injured person saying she released Progressive from all claims.

Just like that, all of the injured person’s rights are gone. ALL WITHIN AN HOUR OF THE WRECK.

Think about that. If you’ve ever been in a wreck, you know that you’re immediately shook up, oftentimes in shock. You often aren’t thinking straight. And you’re running on adrenaline. Sometimes you’re hurt, but frequently your pain doesn’t show up until a day or two later or gets worse over time.

And if you answer that call from Progressive and unthinkingly let them send you a little money, you have given up all your rights.

Don’t be the victim of this tactic. If you’re in a wreck, always take time to know how bad you’re hurt and talk to a lawyer to make sure you understand your rights. Our firm, like most firms, will give a free consultation to make sure you understand your options after you’re in a car wreck.

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