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Car Wreck Concussion — A Real Life Story

One of my favorite groups to follow on Facebook is the always brilliant Humans of New York.  Recently, I saw a post that describes the heartbreaking story of a woman who suffered a brain injury in a car crash  (the story didn’t specify that she had a brain injury, but those of who do this for a living can easily recognize the symptoms).  In a few short words, the featured person describes how a car wreck can quickly derail a person’s life, from work life to home life.

I encourage you to read the story here.

Unfortunately, I see this story every day.  Too many people have their lives interrupted by a brain injury sustained in a car wreck or other accident.  And it’s frustrating to them and to everyone around them.  They look normal, and they and their loved ones have a hard time understanding why they can’t do their normal things.

But for someone with a brain injury, that experience is the new normal.

I’m lucky enough that we have the opportunity to help these injured persons navigate the legal and sometimes medical paths that a head injury person must travel.  While some people never recover, we can at least assist them in getting the help they need to live the best lives they can.

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- Sara Hickman