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Texas Dog Bite And Animal Attack Claims

We have had the pleasure of representing a number of victims of animal attacks, with most of those claims being dog bite claims. These claims are serious injury claims.

Regardless of how minor the physical injuries may appear, almost all dog bite claims are accompanied by significant mental distress.  Most people have an inate fear of large animals, and once you are attacked by a dog or other large animal, those fears come to the surface in many ways.  You may have flashbacks.  You  may have trouble sleeping or focusing on other things.  You may have post-traumatic stress disorder.  You may be unable to walk in your neighborhood or parks because of your new, heightened fear of dogs.  The possibilities are endless.

That’s why it’s so important to get an experienced lawyer who has handled dog bite or dog attack cases.  I have seen far too many cases where the lawyer representing the victim of a dog attack resolves the case for far too little money because the lawyer doesn’t understand the true nature of a dog attack or dog bite claim.

If you have more questions about dog bites or dog attack claims, or if you havve been injured in a dog bite or dog attack claim, feel free to call our office at (512)476-4944.


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