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Austin and Texas Brain Injury Claims

We have had the pleasure of representing a number of clients who have sustained brain injuries.  We have represented professionals (including at least one lawyer and one nurse) whose lives were completely thrown upside by their injury and inability to perform their jobs.  And at the other end of the spectrum, we’ve represented retired persons who didn’t have a job affected, but whose life was altered.

Regardless of the situation, it’s critical to get an experienced lawyer to handle your claim.  Brain injuries are hard to detect.  Often, the hospital misses the diagnoses.  The doctor who sees you doesn’t know you — they don’t have a baseline to compare you with.  As a result, it is often a spouse, significant other, close friend or co-worker who figures out that somethiing is wrong.  Having a lawyer who can help you recognize these symptoms and help you find the diagnoses and help you need is important.

Brain injury clients also look normal.  You need a lawyer who can tell your story about your injuries and losses and how those losses have occurred even though you look normal.  An experienced lawyer is critical for that purpose as well.

If you want more information or if you or a loved one has sustained a brain injury in an accident, please call us at (512)476-4944 so we can help you.

20 Years OF TRUST

For 20 years, our personal injury clients have trusted us to help get them the benefits they deserve.

Books Schuelke was a huge asset. I wholeheartedly endorse Mr. Schuelke without a moments hesitation

- Sara Hickman