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The Medical Malpractice Crises: Was the sky really falling?

Dallas attorney John Browning, who represents doctors and hospitals in medical malpractice cases, wrote an insightful opinion piece in his local paper earlier this week.  His article, Is The Sky Really Falling?, addresses the alleged medical malpractice crises.

Mr. Browning’s piece includes this conclusion:

If President Bush had listened to Mrs. Thornton’s tragic tale, he would realize that the system is neither broken nor overburdened by frivolous lawsuits; that medical negligence occurs more often than we’d care to admit; and that only a relatively small percentage of cases go all the way to trial and result in a plaintiff’s verdict. I’d also like to think there are ways to address concerns over medical malpractice other than restricting an individual’s right to go to court; such as requiring doctors and hospitals to report errors to a national, federally-supervised database (there is already a National Practition-ers Data Bank that tracks settlements, judgments, and disciplinary actions).

Saying that the sky is falling doesn’t give a complete picture of the medical malpractice issue, and it doesn’t address the most important aspect of all – the safety of patients.

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