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Medical Malpractice: More Docs in Texas

In medical malpractice news, an increase in Texas doctors is the front page news of this morning’s New York Times.  Backers of tort reform point to this as evidence that the limits on medical malpractice awards are doing their job.  But that analysis may be too simple for several reasons.  One, even prior to prop 12, the number of doctors licensed in the state was increasing rapidly.  Two, while there are more doctors licensed in the state, there isn’t much evidence that there is an increase in the number of physicians who are actually practicing.  At least one study in late 2006 came to the conclusion that since prop 12 was passed, the number of practicing physicians in Texas may have actually decreased. And the article still doesn’t address the cost prop 12 has had on medical malpractice victims.

For more information on this topic, you can check out tortdeform’s response to the article and one of our prior posts addressing the same issue.  We haven’t seen Overlawyered comment on the article yet, but we’re sure they’ll have the opposing view at a later time.

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