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A Doctor Touting the Benefits of Texas's Medical Malpractice System?

I was watching a local news station last night, and they had a story about medical tourism.  There is apparently a quickly growing trend of people visiting foreign countries (primarily India) to have medical procedures performed.  The procedures are suppposedly much cheaper than the same surgeries here in the US.  I really began paying attention when the reporter interviewed a doctor and asked his thoughts about the practice. The doctor said that one benefit of having services performed here was that we had medical malpractice laws to protect patients in case something went wrong.  I was shocked.  A doctor touting the benefits of medical malpractice laws?  You’re kidding me, right?  In 2003, when the medical malpractice system came under fire, I don’t remember any doctors jumping up to defend the system and the public’s rights.   I just remember doctor after doctor talking about how bad the system was and pushing for more limits that have essentially destroyed the system for most victims of medical malpractice.  But I guess it’s okay to support the system now when it’s a benefit that could help your business.

You can watch the story here.    Hopefully the station will allow us to embed stories in the future.

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