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The Justice Medina Saga Rolls On

The saga of Supreme Court Justice David Medina is almost like a soap opera.  Just when you thought the story couldn’t get more bizarre, it took another twist today.

For those not up to speed, here’s the story in a nutshell.  The home of Texas Supreme Court Justice David Medina and his wife was burned.  After the fire, it was discovered that the Judge and his wife had some financial difficulties, and an arson investigation commenced.  Although the case was presented to a grand jury, it appeared that the prosecutors office didn’t have any real interest in investigating the claim.  But the grand jury did.  And the grand jury later indicted both Judge Medina and his wife.  Almost immediately, the Harris County DA (like Judge Medina, a Republican, and also having his own political trouble) made statements that there wasn’t enough evidence to pursue charges and eventually ended up dismissing the indictment.  The grand jury was so upset that members of the grand jury filed a suit seeking permission to speak about the case and tell the facts to the public.  Then, in recent weeks, the Judge’s wife was re-indicted for arson.  And that’s where the story stood until today.

Today’s Houston Chronicle reports that Houston lawyer Frank Harmon made a call to a Houston bail bondsman and urged the bondsman to bail Justice Medina’s wife out of jail.  The problem?  The attorney just happens to be involved in a major asbestos case sitting at the Supreme Court.  Harmon’s firm helps represent Crown Cork & Seal Co., Inc., the defendant in the suit.

So where will the story go in the future?  Given its past, who knows.

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