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Supreme Court Scorecard

Texas Watch, an advocacy organization set out to improve consumer and insurance protection for Texas families, has published its Consumer Scorecard of Texas Supreme Court Justices.  After reviewing all consumer cases from the Court’s 2005-2006 term, Texas Watch gave each justice the grade of “F.”  In reaching those rankings, the survey had several startling findings:

1. In the term, consumers lost 84% of the time.  It was the highest percentage of losses in Texas Watch’s ten year history of reviewing the Court’s decisions.  Of note, consumers have never prevailed more than defendants during Texas Watch’s review.

2.  The Court overturned 81% of the consumer cases decided by juries.  In contrast, in the non-consumer cases, the Court only overturned juries 33% of the time.

3. The worst justice was Don Willett, a Perry appointee who had no judicial experience and little, if any, litigation experience before his appointment to the Court.  Justice Willett voted in favor of consumers a mere 11% of the time.

4. The Court voted in lockstep.  The average rate of agreement with the majority was 90%, showing that there is no voice of dissent to keep the justices in check.

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