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Why won't the insurance company pay for my property damage claim?

Why isn’t the insurance company paying for the damage to my car?

The short answer is, because they’re an insurance company.

That’s not to be flippant, but it’s the truth. If you were making a claim against another driver’s insurance company, that insurance company doesn’t owe any duties to you.

What it does want to do is maximize it’s profits, and a way it will do that is to try and minimize what they pay out in claims.

Now theoretically, if you’re making a claim on your own insurance company, your insurance company does owe duties to you. But it is all too common to find adjusters looking out, not for your interests, but for the interests of the company. So in the process, no matter how nice the adjuster seems to be keep in mind that you’re the one responsible for looking out for your own interests. And part of that is doing what you’re doing now: becoming informed. Keep checking around the internet, looking for advice, and talking to others.

The information in this series is based on generalities of Texas law. If you need specific information or help finding a lawyer in your state, feel free to contact me.

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