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I'm Going Back To School

spu faculty badgeOver sixty percent of the lawyers in the U.S. practice in solo or small firms, but U.S. law schools don’t do anything to help students actually practice law. Sure, schools teach us the law and how to think like lawyers, but they don’t teach how to be lawyers. A lot of people in the legal community have griped about this, but few have done anything about it. Until now.

Susan Cartier Liebel has finally done something about it. Susan has a passion for helping lawyers open their own law firms. She has been a tireless advocate for solo lawyers by authoring one of the most popular legal blogs in the country, consulted with lawyers for years, and even taught a “how to practice law course” at the Quinnipiac University School of Law. But now she’s going a step further by establishing Solo Practice University.

Solo Practice University is a web-based “school” with faculty from around the country that will teach lawyers numerous practical aspects of how to run a law practice.  It will look at everything from administrative issues to instruction on specific practice areas that her students might be interested in. Although the doors don’t open until March, Solo Practice University is garnering a lot of buzz. For example, Solo Practice University was recently the subject of a profile in LawyersUSA magazine.

And I’m very happy that I’m doing my small part. I’m excited that Solo Practice University has asked me to teach a class on legal malpractice litigation. The class will focus on the basics of legal malpractice claims and how to prosecute and defend claims.  I don’t really know what the end product will look like because I hope to take a lot of direction from the students, but I am looking forward to getting started.

I’ll keep everyone posted as we get closer.


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