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The higher the potential damages, the more vigorous the defense

With catastrophic injuries, damage settlements or verdicts tend to be higher. Serious injuries merit more argument from the defense to save money.

“A catastrophic injury is one that is gravely serious; one that alters a person’s life irrevocably. Typically, those types of injuries are spinal cord injuries, crush injuries, brain damage, amputations and third degree burns, to name a few. These injuries mean the person who sustained them suffers a great deal, and thus overall compensation is typically higher than with other personal injury cases,” said Brooks Schuelke, an Austin personal injury lawyer with Perlmutter & Schuelke, PLLC.

Because these are high stake cases with large payouts, the defense tends to contest the case with a great deal of fervor; more so than the usual injury case. This is due to the fact that the defense wants to save money on their company bottom line by diminishing the serious nature of the injuries or implying the plaintiff was at fault. Sometimes, this type of argument dealing with “who is liable for what” succeeds, which means the victim doesn’t get the compensation they need to continue on with his or her life.

“If this kind of situation has happened to you, and you are certain your injuries are as the result of someone else’s negligence, speak to an Austin personal injury lawyer. You need to know your rights and what to expect if the case goes to verdict,” Schuelke said. Choosing an Austin personal injury lawyer with a substantive track record for dealing with personal injury cases like this is a smart move. The more the lawyer knows, the better it is for the plaintiff’s outcome.

It is vitally important in cases dealing with catastrophic injuries that the settlement or court verdict delivers enough money for the plaintiff to be able to continue on with his or her life, pay medical bills, attend therapy and pay for medications on a long-term basis. The person’s life will never be the same, and the person responsible for the injuries should pay for the damage. Responsibility comes in many forms. Stepping up to the plate and taking responsibility for negligently causing an accident that resulted in catastrophic injuries is often the first step towards healing.

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