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Employment Discrimination

Sexual Harassment In The News

We would be remiss if we didn’t comment on two of the bigger sexual harassment stories to make the popular press. Yesterday, a jury found that New York Knicks coach Isaiah Thomas and Madison Square Garden sexually harassed a former Madison Square Garden employee. The jury awarded the former team executive $11.6 million for her…

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Sexual Harassment

We’ve been getting more and more calls about sexual harassment from potential clients in Austin and Central Texas.  As a result, we’ve added a short primer on the Basics of Sexual Harassment to our Sexual Harassment and Employment Discrimination page.  We hope you find the information useful. To contact Austin Personal Injury Lawyer, Austin Personal Attorney,…

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Pregnancy Discrimination Is On The Rise

An article in the March 28, 2007 Baltimore Sun highlighted the problem of pregnancy discrimination.  In 2006, there were a record number of pregnancy discrimination cases filed with the EEOC.  The author opines that one cause of this increase may be that more mothers are remaining in the workforce than ever before. Of particular irony, was an EEOC…

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Pregnancy Discrimination

As a result of a large settlement by Verizon, pregnancy discrimination has been a hot topic in the legal and popular press over the last few months. While most employers are aware that they can’t discriminate based on age, sex, or race, many employers and employees are unaware of the Pregnancy Discrimination Act, an amendment…

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The Prevalence of Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment is always in the news in the US.  But the US is not alone in having a problem.  In the past week to ten days, there have been numerous news stories about international sexual harassment issues.  Topping the list are sexual harassment claims against members of the Israeli government.  The Israeli Justice Minister…

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