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What's The Problem With The Trucking Industry Texting While Driving Ban?

Avoid-texting-while-driving  As many of you know, in January, the US Department of Transportation and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration announced that they would begin  implementing guidelines that banned drivers of commercial vehicles, such as large trucks and buses, from texting while driving.   

I didn’t think many people would be opposed to such a regulation.  If you read this blog regularly, you know that I’ve written a number of posts detailing the dangers of texting while driving

But at least one person does have a problem with the regulation.  Jason Cox is a regular contributor to the Dallas Examiner, and he calls himself the Truck Industry Examiner, and I enjoy reading his stuff.  Somethings I agree with; some I don’t.  Regardless, I often learn something from him (who knew about the dangers that wild turkeys pose to truckers).

But one thing I can’t agree with him on is his opposition to the commercial texting while driving ban.  I’ve read most, if not all, of  his posts on the topic, and I think his opposition comes down to two things.  First, he makes this statement in the Examiner:

I know texting and driving is a real problem when looking at non-professional drivers – as I see lots of news articles everyday about accidents. But rarely are truck drivers ever mentioned. And the reason is professional truck drivers are aware of the dangers as this is what makes them professionals. Common sense tells you that it would be very dangerous to text and drive – especially while driving 18 wheels.

 I don’t want to be rude, but this is simply ridiculous.  Commercial drivers aren’t immune from doing stupid things, including texting while driving.  Who can forget this bus driver in San Antonio caught on tape while texting before being involved in a collision?


 Heck, Jason even has one link on his site finding that a trucking accident was caused by the driver watching a porn film while driving.  Texting while driving is a real problem across the board, and there is no reason to think that commercial drivers, including truckers, are immune from the risks. Since wrecks involving trucks and other large commercial vehicles are typically more dangerous and deadly than routine car wrecks, I don’t have any problem with the ban.

Jason also seems to have a problem with the amount of the fine, $2,750.00, for violations of the proposal.   But this is an area that needs deterrence.  The punishment needs to fit the crime.

I hope Jason writes more on the topic.  If I’m missing something on why the ban is a bad idea, I’d love to hear it.  But right now, I’m all for it.

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