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Top 10 Insurance Myths

Yesterday, an attorney friend bought me lunch in exchange for me giving him some advice about making a claim after he and family members were rear-ended (likely by someone on a cell phone).  One of the things he was disappointed about was that the insurance company wasn’t taking responsibility and was treating his family unfairly.

I had to warn him that he wasn’t special — that’s par for the course.

And it seems like a good opportunity to break out the Top 10 Insurance Myths from our friends over at Texas Watch, one of the only grassroots groups that is looking out for the interests of consumers over at the legislature.  Here are their myths:

1.  You’re Covered.

2.  Insurance Companies Always Pay Claims Fully & Promptly.

3.  Texas Just Needs More Insurance Companies.

4.  Your Insurance Company Is Loyal To You.

5.  Bad Weather Means Insurance Rates Must Rise.

6. Mandatory Arbitration Helps Policyholders.

7.  Protecting Policyholder Rights Raises Rates.

8. Giving Insurance Companies What They Want Is Good For Consumers.

9.  Insurance Companies Are People Too.

10.  Insurance Shopping Is Easy.

To read the full article and commentary click on the link here.


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