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Think Teens Are The Biggest Texting-While-Driving Threats? Think Again

We all know the stereotype of teens stupidly texting while driving.  We all know that older drivers are smart enough not to do that.  Don’t we?

Maybe not.  A new poll from Pew Internet found that adults were more likely than teens to text while driving and engage in other distracted driving habits.  The poll found that 34 percent of 16 & 17 year olds who used their phones to text said they did so while driving.  Shockingly, 47 percent of adults said that they did it.  Additionally, far more adults than teens responded that they had talked on their cell phones while driving.  And 17 percent of the adults surveyed admitted that they had hit someone because they were distracted by their cell phones.

So the next time that we’re griping about texting and driving and blaming the kids, remember that it’s not them so much as it’s us.

The article and study have more startling statistics so I urge you to click the links and learn more.

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