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Texting While Driving – A Deadly Combination

Personal injury attorneys are seeing more and more car wreck cases caused by people (primarily teens or people in their twenties) who are texting while driving  (in fact, a lot of my time lately has been spent working on just such a case).

It’s such a problem that I’ve devoted a number of posts to the subject.  They include:

Now, my friend Steve Lombardi, a Des Moines, Iowa injury lawyer, is getting in on the action.  Yesterday, he had a great post on Texting While Driving – A Deadly Combination.    Steve has some great thoughts on the risk, but what I really like about his posts are the embedded videos.  This is a problem where the public service announcements that are coming out are really more powerful than either of us could write.   Take a moment to stop by Steve’s blog to check out the videos.  You won’t be disappointed.


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