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Concussions: A Lesson From Iraq Bombings

17 Jan

I don’t want to get into politics, but there is a real lesson for personal injury victims in a recent news story. As you probably know, the United States killed an Iranian official. To retaliate, on January 8, 2020, Iran fired missiles on US bases in Iraq. The United States’ immediate response was that no…

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RBI Austin – Giving Back

10 Jan

Each year, we end the year by giving several donations to non-profits that we support. This year, one of the organizations we donated to was inspired by my son. This spring, Ryan, my 16 year old son, tried out for the RBI Austin 18 year old regional baseball team. Not only did Ryan make the…

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Are you in good hands with Allstate?

18 Nov

We have long written about problems with Allstate and other insurance companies. A news story out of Atlanta confirms that the Allstate issues aren’t just in Texas or Central Texas. Watch the story to learn more. In the meantime, if you’ve been involved in a car wreck, and your claim involves Allstate, give us a…

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Huge New Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Case

22 Aug

In 2006, the Texas Supreme Court handed down a trilogy of court decisions that affected every uninsured/underinsured motorist claim presented. Before the cases, when you presented an uninsured/underinsured motorist claim to your own insurance company, if the insurance company didn’t act fairly, they were subject to payment of your attorneys’ fees incurred in presenting the…

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Could Changes In Law Increase Big Rig and Commercial Truck Wrecks?

08 Jul

One of the key cornerstones of trucking safety is the hour of service rules. Federal laws have limits on how many hours truck drivers can drive. Because driver fatigue is one of the biggest contributors to big rig and trucking accidents, these rules are critical to protecting the public. But the trucking industry doesn’t like…

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