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MEDIATION: What is negotiating with brackets?

09 Jan

MEDIATION: What is negotiating with brackets? One tool many mediators use is “negotiating with brackets”. In most mediations, the parties start their negotiations far apart from one another. Most times that gap can be bridged through normal negotiations. But in some instances, mediators will suggest using brackets to help close that gap. What does that…

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Mediation: What is a mediator’s proposal?

09 Jan

One tool that many mediators use to try and help resolve cases is a “mediator’s proposal”. What is it? Many mediations will come to an impasse, where the parties can’t reach an agreement. To help bridge that gap, many mediators will use a mediator’s proposal to settle the case. In a mediator’s proposal, the mediator…

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Halloween Is The Deadliest Day For Child Pedestrian Accidents

31 Oct

This time of year, parents are worried about dangerous candy, but the biggest danger to our kids is cars. Halloween is almost always the most deadly day of the year for child pedestrian accidents, and the third deadliest day for pedestrian deaths overall. According to AAA, children are 3 times more likely to be in…

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Is There A Future For Self-Driving Cars?

18 Oct

For several years, companies have been pumping billions of dollars into the technology for self-driving cars, and self-driving cars have been a discussion point for several groups, including those of us who are car wreck attorneys wondering how safe these cars can be. Recently, the future of these cars was cast in doubt when some…

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Another Honor For Brooks

03 Oct

Brooks Schuelke has once again been selected as a Super Lawyer in the Plaintiff’s Personal Injury category. This is a distinction that is given to a small percentage of attorneys, and Brooks and the firm are honored to have been included yet again. We are particularly pleased because we understand a large component of the…

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