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Katrina claims – revisited

26 Aug

With the one year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, the handling of Katrina claims continues to be in the news.  Tonight’s episode of 20/20 will feature the claims of two former State Farm insurance adjusters who believe State Farm committed fraud in the handling of Katrina claims.  Among other things, the adjusters allege that State Farm hid engineering…

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Frivolous Lawsuit Defenses

25 Aug

Tort reform advocates are always quick to point blame for frivolous lawsuits.  But they never address frivolous defenses — unnecessary conduct by defendants that drive up the costs of all litigation.  But one case last week is making some news and shedding light on some of these abuses. On August 18, 2006, Judge Leonard Davis, …

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Pattern of Greed

24 Aug

Following up our post on Trent Lott, the insurance industry’s conduct in relation to Hurricane Katrina continues to be in the news.  Yesterday, the grassroots group People Over Profits released their report Pattern of Greed:  How Insurance Companies Put Profits Over Policyholders. The report outlines the group’s complaints about how the insurance companies handled claims…

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Pregnancy Discrimination

21 Aug

As a result of a large settlement by Verizon, pregnancy discrimination has been a hot topic in the legal and popular press over the last few months. While most employers are aware that they can’t discriminate based on age, sex, or race, many employers and employees are unaware of the Pregnancy Discrimination Act, an amendment…

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Spine University

17 Aug

Many of our personal injury and medical malpractice clients suffer from some type of back issues.  An orthopedic group has set up an online Spine University that provides a wealth of information that clients might find helpful.  The site includes information on the structure of the back, tests, and medical care for various back conditions…

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