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John Stossel – Tort Reform Hypocrite

There is something that Americans love about the story of the hypocrite.  The anti-corruption policitian that eventually gets busted for taking bribes; the anti-gay preacher busted for being gay; and John Stossel.

Stossel is the tort-reform movement’s favorite “journalist” because he’s always willing to “report” on the evils of trial lawyers and personal injury suits.  True to form, on last week’s Fox Business Report, Stossel was more than willing to report on “Parasitic Tort Lawyers”, where he was willing to talk about the evils of personal injury lawyers and personal injury lawsuits. 

Problem is, Stossel is a hypocrite.  While doing a report on professional wrestling, wrestler David Schultz objected to Stossel’s line of question by hitting Stossel a couple of time. 

At that point, was Stossel offended by personal injury lawyers or personal injury lawsuits?  No.   Of course, not.  Instead, he was willing to file his own suit, not only against Schultz, but also against the World Wrestling Federation, that reportedly settled for over $400,000.00.  

I could go on and on with my complaints about Stossel, but my friend Eric Turkewitz has written a great post, John Stossel — You Gotta Love Him,  that is better than anything I could ever do.  I encourage all of you to venture over there for a few minutes for the real investigative reporting.

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