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It's Summer — Blue Skies, Swimming Pools, and Head Injuries??

While we’re all prepared for the good summer fun, the American Assocation of Neurological Surgeons is reminding us that summer activity-related head injuries are on the rise.  Why?  The two main causes are bicycling and water sports.

The number of biking-related head injuries rose from 70,800 in 2008 to over 85,000 in 2009.  And one of the big suspected reasons?  Cell phones and text messages.  Anecdotal stories of talking on the cell phone or texting while driving and cycling are getting a lot of the blame for these increases.  To protect yourself from head injuries, use your helmet, obey traffic signals, wear bright clothing, and, by all means, don’t talk on a cell phone while you’re riding your bike.

The second major area of concern is water-related injuries.  The biggest problems continue to be diving into shallow water, running on the pool deck, and rough-housing in or near the pool. 

We’ve represented a number of people who have suffered head injuries, and it’s horribly sad to see how one poor decision can affect an entire life.  Enjoy the summer and enjoy the outdoors, but be smart about how you do it.

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