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Have A Safe Boating Weekend

Loop 360 boat rampMemorial Day Weekend traditionally kicks off Austin’s boating season, which promises to be expecially good this year since Lake Travis and other area lakes are finally full. Unfortunately, it seems like every Memorial Day weekend also brings with it at least one serious boat crash that results in serious injuries to those involved.

As you’re out on the lake this weekend, remember that the biggest culprit in boating safety is alcohol. Due to the waves, sun, wind and fatigue, 1 drink on the water is equal to about 4 drinks on land. And yet people continue to drink and boat. Please!!! Don’t do it, and watch out for those that are.

Additionally, make sure that you have enough life jackets on the boat. All kids under age 13 must be wearing life jackets, and there must be enough life jackets for each of the boat’s occupants. But not only should adults have life jackets, they should use them. Nationally, around 85% of all boating fatalities are the result of the victim not wearing a life jacket.

Finally, use your lights. I have a former client that was a lake police officer on Lake Austin, and he repeatedly told me that the second biggest problem on the lake was night time collisions. Use your lights, and look out for others.

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