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Fake doctor sued in wrongful death of 5-year-old

Strange things can happen, but this wrongful death case borders on the bizarre.

A man who never obtained a medical degree or even a license was discovered to have worked at numerous New York hospitals. He was only outed when a five-year-old patient died after he had been seen by the fake doctor.

According to the information available, the man claimed that he graduated from a Canadian university. An investigation following the child’s death revealed that although he did attend the university he claimed he did, he did not earn enough credits to graduate. After leaving university, he then went to medical school in another location for a year, while working as a resident at a hospital in New Jersey. He was booted out of the program due to incompetence.

The fraud artist was able to secure a New York state medical license in 2007 by claiming he graduated from the Canadian university. Prior to the death of a five-year-old patient, he continued to practice in several other hospitals, including one in Ogdensburg. That sojourn ended when he left after an unnamed “unfavorable incident.”

Whatever the incident was that caused the fake doctor to leave was never mentioned or revealed to the next hospital he applied to work at, Wellsville Hospital. Federal officials tracking his lack of verifiable documentation said he was negligently dangerous by putting people’s lives in jeopardy. In addition, the man was also fraudulently received $230,000 from various health insurance entities.

This kind of trickery at the expense of innocent patients is abhorrent and the families of surviving victims, and those who died as a result of this man’s egregious actions, should consider filing a wrongful death action — a civil lawsuit to hold the man accountable for the trail of tears he left behind while holding himself out to be a medical doctor.

Should you ever find yourself in a situation like this one, or even one that has harmed you medically and/or physically, in some manner, seek the experienced legal counsel of an Austin personal injury lawyer. Justice will not be denied in cases where medical negligence is evident.

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