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Eagle Ford Shale and Trucking Accidents

The past two weekends, I’ve had to make working trips to the Texas coast (and I didn’t even see the beach on either trip).  The one thing that struck me on the drives was the increase in traffic, especially trucking traffic.

That’s why it didn’t surprise me to see the headline in Sunday’s Corpus Christi Caller Times describing the increased number of commercial vehicle wrecks resulting from the South Texas oil boom.  Generally, from 2008 to 2011, the number of wrecks in the state of Texas decreased.  But in the 11 Eagle Ford Shale counties, commercial vehicle wrecks (trucking accidents) more than doubled.

Three counties have been hit particularly hard.  In  McMullen County, they had four commercial vehicle wrecks in 2008, and 48 in 2011.  Karnes County went from five wrecks to 77 during the same time, and LaSalle County went from 60 to 187.

These eleven counties are also seeing an increasing number of traffic fatalities.

While a lot of the responsibility lies at the feet of the truckers, drivers in these areas have to be safe too.  You need to be aware of these risks, be patient — don’t pass in no passing zones, and drive defensively.  That’s the only way we’ll all be safer.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a commercial vehicle wreck, let us help.  Contact us by calling (512)476-4944 or by submitting a case on the submit a case forms throughout the website.

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